Company Exposure

OpenSystems Media has a variety of vehicles to promote your company.

Our new Embedded Computing Design’s special innovation issue spotlights the industry’s foremost leaders in embedded computing as well as innovative products. The winning companies were chosen based on innovative approaches or strategies in their business such as a new product, improvement in operations, or an innovative adoption of technology.

The top three innovators in embedded design were selected by Embedded Computing Design’s editors from entries within the embedded design market. Overall, more than 25 entries were assessed for the Top Innovative Leaders. According to Warren Webb, OpenSystems Media, Embedded Computing Design Editorial Director, “Our challenge was to scour the embedded design community to identify the top innovators that shape our industry.” He added, “After careful consideration, we selected a winner in each of the silicon, software, and strategies categories based on creativity, uniqueness, and value to the embedded community.”

In addition to the recognitions announced, the June issue of Embedded Computing Design includes Top Innovative Products. The issue presents more than 60 nominations for trend-setting products.