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Two Approaches You Must Consider when Architecting Radar Systems

Modern radar systems must keep up with a rapidly changing threat environment, readily adapt to new technologies and be developed with smaller budgets. How do you architect your future radar systems to meet these challenging requirements?Presented by: RTI.
Presented by: RTI
January 28, 2015
pm  EST
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Make sense of it all - Discover wearable patches with secure, contactless NFC

Medical or Health and Fitness patches allow patients to monitor vital data on their own and share data securely to remote healthcare centers for analysis and instruction. The highly integrated ultra-low-power RF430FRL15xH system-on-chip enables the development of disposable patches that sense temperature, hydration and more for either battery-supported data logging in FRAM or on-the-spot, passive measurement using RF energy harvested from an NFC-enabled phone.
Presented by: Texas Instruments
February 4, 2015
am  EST
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