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New Embedded Data Sheets from OpenSystems Media

OpenSystems Media (OSM) LLC is excited to launch its newest, dynamic product offering, Embedded Data Sheets, a lead-generating program which will allow vendors in the embedded industry to promote their latest products digitally to a segmented database.

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OpenSystems Media Named Official Media Partner for ARM Embedded Computing Board Resource Guide

OpenSystems Media (OSM), the leading content provider for today’s design engineers and embedded developers, has confirmed its status as the official media partner of the ARM Embedded Computing Board (ECB) Resource Guide, hosted on the ARM(r) Connected Community.

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OpenSystems Media Launches Embedded Europe E-newsletter and Blog; continues rapid expansion into Europe

Embedded EuropeOpenSystems Media’s European Technical Editor, Rory Dear, will edit and provide content to the Embedded Europe E-newsletter and it will include his new Embedded Europe Blog. “I am excited about our expansion into Europe and new programs (like Blogging) that will allow Europe’s leading embedded vendors to have a voice in our publication,” states Rory Dear.

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OpenSystems Media Expands Coverage of IoT as Content Curator for IoT Evolution Conference and Expo

March 13th, 2015 OpenSystems Media (OSM) has announced that its Embedded Computing Design division has agreed to provide all the content for the upcoming IoT Evolution Developer Conference. This means that all classes, tutorials, keynotes, etc, will be provided by OSM.

Taking place August 17-20th in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, the conference has been designed to teach design engineers the various aspects of implementing the IoT, from concept though deployments. It will look at the entire spectrum, from wearables and home devices to industrial applications. It’ll also feature classes that cover cloud computing, automotive technologies, and security, while looking at ways to enhance customer engagement, and elevate end user experience.

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OpenSystems Media Expands its Media Portfolio with a Live Technical Conference


DAC Embedded Uni

OpenSystems Media (OSM) has announced that its Embedded Computing Design division has developed an embedded technology conference that will be co-located with the 2015 Design Automation Conference (DAC).

Taking place June 9-10, 2015 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, the conference is called Embedded TechCon™, which extends OSM’s current online educational program, known as Embedded University. Embedded TechCon™ is designed to educate today’s design engineers in the most up to date topics. The classes will be taught by leading industry experts.If you would like to be notified with more information, please visit

Rich Nass, OSM’s Executive Vice President, will coordinate two days of technical, hands-on educational sessions. Nass has extensive experience in developing technical conferences for the benefit of embedded developers, having served as the Conference Chairman of the Embedded Systems Conference during its most successful years.

“We are very excited to have our first co-located event for embedded at DAC,” said Anne Cirkel, General Chair for the 52nd DAC. “OpenSystems Media has an exceptional technical content team and with Rich Nass leading the effort, we are very confident that this co-located event will bring a new audience to DAC and will start to replicate the success Rich had in the past.”

“It’s clear that the embedded industry needs a place for its community to gather, to be educated, to interact, to network, and to celebrate its success,” said OSM’s Nass. “We’re thrilled that DAC has the confidence in OSM to create that event. We’ll be driving awareness around key embedded topics like IoT, automotive, and security, while drawing from the industry’s roots with topics like firmware development, debugging, and open-source hardware and software.”

For general information on Embedded TechCon™, or details on presentations or sponsorships, contact Patrick Hopper, OpenSystems Media’s Managing Partner, at phopper@opensystemssedia.com.

OpenSystems Media Hires Shannon Alo-Mendosa as Media Account Manager

OpenSystems Media (OSM) announced that it has expanded its media team by hiring Shannon Alo-Mendosa, effective September 15th, 2014. Shannon will serve as Media Account Manager across all of OpenSystems Media print and online sources including Embedded Computing Design, Military Embedded Systems, the IoT Design Guide, the NEW Embedded Daily E-newsletter and others.

“Shannon brings over 15 years of media experience,” said Patrick Hopper, Publisher and Partner, OpenSystems Media. “Her vast network of contacts and customer centric selling will be a key resource for us as we continue to expand to be the dominant player in the embedded marketplace.”

“I am thrilled to return to the embedded space and moreover partner with sales & marketing executives to create and deliver media and marketing service programs that not only align with their companies goals but are also interactive, performance driven and create sales opportunities/ROI”

Shannon has worked in B2B advertising and multimedia for many years. Most recently, VP of Sales at UBM’s – Medical Device Media Group and prior Strategic Sales Director at UBM’s Electronics Media Group. Shannon has also served as Publisher and Custom Solutions Sales Director at publishing companies such as PennWell and CMP. Shannon not only brings her proven B2B multimedia solutions expertise but moreso a true consultative selling approach that ensures customer’s goals, objectives and resources are at the essence of the partnership.

Shannon resides in Littleton, MA. with her husband Jack and 2 boys; Joseph (5) and Vito (3).

Shannon can be reached at shannona@opensystemsmedia.com

OpenSystems Media Launches Embedded Daily, a New Daily E-Newsletter Designed to Highlight Latest Blogs, Articles, News, and Products

OpenSystems Media is pleased to announce the launch of the Embedded Daily, an e-newsletter that promises to keep the embedded design community abreast of the latest design trends, techniques, products, news, and more.

The Embedded Daily, managed by Rich Nass, Executive VP and Embedded Brand Manager at OpenSytems Media, will feature the latest blogs, articles, news, events, webinars, and whitepapers. “I’m excited that we can provide this information to the embedded community. We act as the filter, and provide just the information engineers need, and in a format that’s easy for them to digest.”

With a circulation of more than 40,000 qualified design engineers, the Embedded Daily will launch September 29th and will include updates from ARM TechCon.

“The Embedded Daily allows us to increase the exposure to the Embedded Blog,” continues Patrick Hopper, Partner at OpenSystems Media. “Our readers continually tell us that they love our revamped blog section. It provides useful information in a quick-read format.”

Guest blogging on Embedded-Computing.com is open to any interested party. Research shows that blogs are one of the top methods available to raise SEO rankings, drive traffic, and educate the community. Vendors can also feature their banners and contextual sponsorship messages in the Embedded Daily.

For more information on participating in the Embedded Blog and/or the Embedded Daily, please contact Rich Nass at rnass@opensystemsmedia.com

Winners Announced: Embedded Computing Design Top Innovative Products

OpenSystems Media’s publication Embedded Computing Design called for nominations for the top innovative products in the June 2014 issue. They received many qualified nominations, but could choose only three finalists (one for each category: silicon, software, and strategies). Read a short bio of each winning product and a list of the honorable mentions below, and view the full article in the August issue here.

Freescale Semiconductor, Revolution Robotics, Kynetics, and Circuitco – WaRP wearable reference platform

The wearables reference platform (WaRP) implements a hybrid architecture to address key development challenges for the wearables market: size, battery life, cost, and usability. The small form factor platform consists of a main board with a Freescale i.MX 6SoloLite applications processor and an example daughter card utilizing a Freescale Kinetis KL16 MCU that is used as a sensor hub and for wireless charging. Additional daughter cards can be added for different usage models. Hardware and software will be open sourced and community driven.


Icon Labs – Floodgate Defender

The Floodgate Defender embedded firewall stops cyber attacks against industrial, military, and other fixed function devices by extending enterprise-strength security policies to real-time operating systems (RTOS) and embedded Linux-based devices. Floodgate Defender integrates with the TCP/IP stack of the embedded device to provide protection against cyber attacks and reporting of security intrusions. Floodgate Defender provides a critical, missing layer of security by adding protection to the device and enabling management of security policies. By controlling what packets are processed by endpoint devices, Floodgate Defender blocks attacks before a connection is established, providing protection from a wide array of attacks.


Imagination Technologies – MIPS M-class M51xx CPU cores

The low-power, highly compact MIPS M-class M5100 and M5150 CPUs from Imagination are the world’s first IP cores to incorporate hardware virtualization in microcontroller (MCU) class processors, bringing a new level of flexibility, security, and reliability to real-time embedded applications. The new MIPS M51xx processors form the first group of entry-level MIPS Series5 Warrior CPUs, achieving the highest CoreMark/MHz scores for MCU-class processors thanks to capabilities like high performance floating point capability and advanced DSP functionality. These two cores will be at the heart of the most disruptive and revolutionary chips and products in the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, cloud computing, industrial control, wireless communications, automotive, storage, and other applications.


Honorable Mentions:

Silicon Labs – Ultraviolet (UV) Sensor IC Family

Vivante – GC-Nano and GC7000 Series GPU IP

HCC Embedded – Smart-meter File System

BitScope Designs – BitScope Micro

OpenSystems Media Taps Rich Nass as Executive Vice President and Brand Manager of Embedded Computing Design

Rich Nass

OpenSystems Media has expanded its leadership team by hiring Rich Nass, effective July 21st, 2014. Nass will serve as Executive Vice President and Brand Manager of Embedded Computing Design, the most comprehensive resource for design engineers working with embedded systems/technology. Nass will oversee the expansion of the magazine in the digital realm, expanding globally, while enhancing the company’s print products.

“I’m really excited about the possibilities,” said Nass. “I’ve spent my career understanding not only what types of information that engineers need to do their jobs, but how they want that information delivered. So that’s exactly what we’re going to provide, whether it’s in print, on-line, live face-to-face, or some other media.”

Prior to joining OpenSystems, Nass was the Brand Director of UBM’s Design News, Director of Content at Canon Communications, and Director of Content/Media at EE Times. Nass has also served as editorial director of the Embedded Systems Conference, and has worked globally, launching products in both Europe and Asia. He holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Embedded Computing Design selects Top Innovators, Most Influential Women for June issue

OpenSystems Media’s publication Embedded Computing Design called for nominations for the top innovators and most influential women of 2014. They received many inspirational, qualified nominations and chose several men and women from the list. Read a short bio of each inductee below, and read the exclusive full-length Q&A with each innovator in the June issue of the magazine.

Dr. Carl Brandon, Professor, Vermont Technical College

Dr. Brandon worked for IBM for two years, designing their first memory chip with two colleagues. He has been teaching at Vermont Technical College since 1977, and while there has introduced Pascal and Ada programming courses, and helped set up the Computer Tech and Aeronautical Engineering Technology degrees. Starting in 2004, he started the CubeSat Lab, resulting in the launch of the first university CubeSat from a college in New England.

Chad Jones, Internet of Things Strategy, LogMeIn

Chad Jones is the Vice President, Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy at LogMeIn. He has more than 18 years’ experience driving strategic initiatives for start-ups and F50 companies. He has lead the team at LogMeIn that designed and launched Xively, the company’s commercial Internet of Things cloud platform, built global awareness around it, and is now helping businesses build products and solutions on the IoT.

Jinwen Xiao, Design Engineering Director, Microcontroller and Wireless Products, Silicon Labs

Jinwen Xiao is the Engineering Director for Microcontroller (MCU) and Wireless Products at Silicon Labs, where she leads the circuit design team developing the next generation of energy-friendly, ARM-based 32-bit MCUs, wireless transceivers, and wireless System-on-Chip (SoC) devices for Internet of Things applications. During her nearly 10-year career at Silicon Labs, she has advanced from MCU design engineer to her current design engineering director position. Xiao holds 15 patents with 6 patents pending.

Limor Fried, Founder, Adafruit

Limor “Ladyada” Fried is an MIT engineer, open source hardware and software pioneer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the educational electronics company Adafruit. Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best-designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. Fried was the first female engineer on the cover of WIRED magazine, an EFF Pioneer Award recipient, and was recently awarded Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Punya Prakash, Worldwide Business Manager, Catalog Processors, Texas Instruments

Punya Prakash is a Business Manager with Texas Instruments’ Catalog Processors business unit in Dallas, TX. She started her career as an Applications Engineer in the same department in 2010. Today, she drives growth for targeted end equipment in energy automation such as connected home, building automation, and smart grid. Prakash analyzes the market traction to understand customer requirements, and find innovative solutions that scales for the broader market also.

Elecia White, Founder, Embedded Software Engineer, Logical Elegance

Elecia White is co-founder of Logical Elegance, an embedded software consulting firm. She is the author of Making Embedded Systems, a technical book for software engineers who want to get closer to the hardware or electrical engineers who want to write good software. White also hosts Embedded, a weekly podcast on how to make gadgets, from idea to engineering to production. She works on many other interesting products, including educational toys, DNA scanners, wearables, and a gunshot location system.

OpenSystems Media to provide Co-Sponsored E-mags

OpenSystems Media is pleased to announce Co-Sponsored E-mag solutions for ecosystem partners looking to drive brand messaging and thought leadership in select markets. Accessible to all vendors focused on embedded engineering, these unique vehicles enable complementary enterprises to deliver their captivating, interactive assets to potential clientele.

Targeted at key industry executives and decision makers, OpenSystems Media works with participants to assemble a compelling mix of original content, from Executive Speakouts, interviews, and articles to white papers, products, videos, and interactive graphics. The Co-Sponsored E-mag is deployed to a targeted directory of executives and engineers searching for resolutions in the following industries:

  • April: Internet of Things (IoT) (Circulation: 40,000)
  • May: Automotive (Circulation: 27,000)
  • July: Unmanned Systems (Circulation: 32,000)
  • August: Medical (Circulation: 37,000)
  • September: ARM (Circulation: 40,000)
  • October: Open Hardware/DIY Boards (Circulation: 30,000)

In addition to a targeted email campaign, Co-Sponsored E-mags will be published across OpenSystems Media websites, on the Apple Newsstand, and Amazon Kindle for an entire year. To maximize lead generation, Co-Sponsored E-mags will be promoted in E-letters, social media, and direct email promotion. A variety of sponsorship levels are available, with a minimum of three sponsors required for a Co-Sponsored issue.

For more information on OpenSystems Media’s Co-Sponsored E-mag Initiative contact Patrick Hopper, Publisher, at phopper@opensystemsmedia.com.

OpenSystems Media, VITA Technologies introduce VITA Hall of Fame, first inductee

John Rynearson

VITA Technologies has recently announced the VITA Technologies Hall of Fame, as well as its first inductee. The hall of fame is intended to honor those most influential to VITA and to preserve the memory of the people and technologies that have had the greatest impact on the open standards industry since its beginnings.

John Rynearson, technical director of VITA, is the first person to be inducted into the newly created VITA Technologies Hall of Fame. The news took him by pleasant surprise, announced during the November VITA Standards Organization (VSO) meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, in front of his friends and peers in the industry. After John McHale, editorial director of Military Embedded Systems magazine, gave the announcement the room filled with applause and congratulations. 

Rynearson is slated to retire as of January 1, 2014, and his replacement will certainly have large shoes to fill, as he has been a major influencer to the VITA universe for over 20 years. 

Many more people will be inducted into the VITA Technologies Hall of Fame each year; the next set of inductees will be announced in January of 2014. To see the current progress of the hall of fame, visit http://opensystemsmedia.com/hall-of-fame/vita-technologies. The nomination process will also be posted on the website in January.

OpenSystems acquires Embedded Star, FPGA and EDA sites, extends reach in embedded publishing

OpenSystems Media announced that it has acquired the assets of Online Destiny, a leading provider of blogs and websites for the embedded, FPGA, and EDA market segments. Under the terms of the acquisition, OpenSystems Media will obtain rights to the e-mail lists, RSS feeds, websites, and other assets of Online Destiny’s EmbeddedStar.com, FPGABlog.com, EDABlog.com, and EDAGeek.com properties. Incorporating Online Destiny’s resources into the OpenSystems Media portfolio furthers the company’s readership and expands the company’s lead generation capabilities, enabling clients to extend their influence on the embedded marketplace. In addition to attaining the lists of four online publications, OpenSystems Media also procured the rights to Online Destiny’s website and RSS feed resources, which rank highly amongst online embedded content sources. Coupled with the only apps available to embedded engineers (Embedded Computing Design and DSP-FPGA.com), the addition of these resources solidifies OpenSystems Media’s position in digital publishing.  
“We have had our eye on the EmbeddedStar and EDAGeek audience and superior search rankings for nearly a decade,” says Konrad Witte, Senior Web Developer, OpenSystems Media. “We have a great opportunity now to reach this incredible new following of engineers and other industry professionals.”

OpenSystems Media launches PICMG Systems & Technology magazine

PICMG Systems & TechnologyxTCA & CompactPCI Systems has been relaunched and renamed to PICMG Systems & Technology; the magazine will expand coverage to incorporate the breadth of embedded technologies produced by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). The industry’s foremost publication tracking developments from the PICMG standards organization and its member companies, PICMG Systems & Technology will continue to dedicate editorial coverage to news, analysis, trends, and solutions that aid embedded system developers and decision makers.

PICMG Systems & Technology will be published quarterly in both print and digital formats, and be accompanied by four PICMG Systems & Technology E-letters. The publication will continue to produce staff-written and contributed design references and application examples of AdvancedMCs, AdvancedTCA, COM Express, CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial, MicroTCA, and other PICMG technologies in the key industry segments of communications and networking, military/aerospace, and industrial automation. Market analysis, new product coverage, and special topics will also be included to keep professionals abreast of advances in embedded computing.

The inaugural issue of PICMG Systems and Technology will launch at Embedded World 2014 in Nuremburg, Germany, and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PICMG standards organization by examining some of its most significant achievements.